Grand Rapids School Mission Statement: (revised: September, 2013.)

To provide in partnership with parents and community, a positive, healthy, safe, fun working environment and educational programming which will produce leadership in building community. We encourage full participation in appropriate educational and co-curricular opportunities which have high expectations, flexibility and are consistent which will produce educated students of outstanding character who will be contributing members of society. Through communicating an understanding of student needs based on assessment of improvement and growth the relationships we build will produce a sense of pride and teamwork.

Frontier School Division Mission Statement (Our Vision...Our beliefs):

Students are healthy and successful. Parents provide support, guidance, and direction. Families build a strong foundation for students. All Staff are a participating member of the community. High standards of teaching result in academic excellence. Appropriate educational programming is provided for all students. School programs reflect the needs and aspirations of the community. Language and culture celebrated in the community and school build identity. Schools are safe places where individuals are respected, cared for and valued. Our Division is an innovative and dynamic leader in education.