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Something to Believe In?

Lin Dan used to be called "The Choker" by his peers...

Today Lin Dan is the most feared singles player of all times; 2 gold Olympic medals and 5 world championships wins in men's singles.

History of GRS Badminton

2007: Mr. Lahaie is hired as a PHE teacher in December and takes on Badminton as a new challenge in his life. Mr. Lahaie got sick and hospitalized over the Christmas Holidays.

2008: GRS participates at MHSAA Zone 11 Championships hosted by MBCI (boys events at UCN and girls events at MBCI) in The Pas, Manitoba.
Thomas Fleury, Lena (Carly) Turner, Tiffany Scott, Billy Buck, Hunter Stoneman, James Joe, Jory Ballantyne, and more (named soon as we recall).

2009: Thomas Fleury and Mr. Lahaie start practicing at lunch time from Monday to Friday; eventually joined by Draven Hayashi, Tristan Karol, James Joe, Kevin Joe, Mr. Joe, Breydan Turner and Brenden Bighetty. Mr. Lahaie visits Montreal for Christmas and come back with a Yonex ArcSaber 9 racquet ($200), a Yonex bag, and Yonex shoes for Tom.

2010: GRS badminton and Mr. Lahaie visit MBA sanctionned tournaments for the first time (Wildewood Club, Winnipeg).

Program Cornerstone

  • Mr. Charles Lahaie

    "I am the Unbeliever. Some great things may happen only by chance. But things never ever changes." ~ C. Lahaie (GRS Badminton Coach and unbeliever since 2007)

  • Mrs. Lalaine Tugade

    "I totally disagree with coach Lahaie. I am a believer, believing in possibilities without relent. Things do change." ~ L. Tugade (GRS Badminton supporter and believer since 2008)

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